Customers satisfaction is our priority


Offer technical and innovative solutions to the automotive industry based on thermoplastics that make the value creation possible while ensuring customer satisfaction.


A quality approach applied at every level: production, logistics and development. Qualified, attentive teams reacting to all your needs. A leading industrial equipment to meet our partners expectations the best possible way.

Sustainable Development

As an industry in the automotive sector, we are aware of climate change and are committed to taking action to reduce its impact:

Biosourced material

The company has knowledge in the use of biosourced materials.

Energy reduction program

– Installation of electric presses
– Optimization of cooling mechanisms
– Use of recovered heat to heat the building
– Improvement of interior lighting.

Waste recovery and recycling

– Sweet Clean (zero material in the environment)

– Treatment and use of waste by sorting.





It is the strength that links us to our partners and that allows us to insure the success of your projects.



It is through excellent collaboration between organizations that the greatest value can be produced



It is thanks to initiative and creative spirit that our daily performance can be improved

Common goal

Becoming a leader of the production of strategic products such as power transmission, fluid transfer and our technical and structural parts.