Ercé Automotive is a well-known player in the Automotive industry. Our site in Athis combines  all the expertise and know-how related to industrialization and tools definition for plastic injection and high frequency automated assembly.

Plastic injection :

Our site in Athis is equipped with 22 injection machines ranging from 50T to 1000T. Whereas our site in Hranice in the Czech Republic uses 14 injection machines from  80T to 800T .

Our presses are all equipped with robots and are controlled by a software that monitors all production settings and performance in real time.

Automated assembly :

For gearboxes applications 3 fully automated , last-generation assembly lines ensure high frequency production.

For fuel pump flanges the assembly line is fully automated and the 2 lines dedicated to  emission-controls system flanges are semi-automated and offer a sustained production.

Industrialization :

Because they remain in constant contact with our partners, our development teams manage projects according to every requirement and constraint related to the different applications. For that purpose our multidisciplinary teams are at your service : tools design –  special machines,  industrial methods, trials, development quality, logistics and sales.

A process following 4 different phases according to milestones is deployed to grant the success of your projects.

Networking :

We keep close ties with line partners and profession pool and make  our customers benefit from it.