Initially a plastic processor analysis

Ercé has been associated with French plasturgy for over 60 years.From the  1970s onward the company developed its reputation as a techno polymers injector in the  Plastics Valley, in Oyonnax (in  the Auvergne -Rhône-Alpes region) and in Athis de l’Orne in Normandy.  The company also grew on an international level thanks to its site in the Czech Republic where it has been present since 1997.

The Automotive market is the traditional core market  on which  Ercé Plasturgie built its growth. Our strategy was to focus and specialize in high-tech and high-precision functions.

  • 2021

    Recovery plan

    Ercé Automotive is part of the government’s recovery plan to boost French industry. On the way to industry 4.0!

  • 2016

    Transfer and launching

    Transfer of the production site from Chropyne to Hranice and launching of the production plant in Hranice.

  • 2015

    Concentration of the Automotive operations

    Concentration of the Automotive operations on Athis -de l’Orne and Chropyne sites.

  • 2011

    Industrialization of the first flange

    Industrialization of the first flange within the group

  • 1997

    Implementation in the Czech Republic with the opening of Chropyne plant

  • 1990/1995

    Ercé Ouest purchase and production of the 1st gearboxhousing in 1991

  • 1980/1990

    Start of the Automotive activities

  • 1958

    Ercé creation